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Welcome to ALPACA Exclusive!

Alpaca is unique because it is versatile. It is the luxury must have for the 21st century discerning buyer.

  • - Sophisticated and slick for the City
  • - Tough and durable for the Country
  • - Snug and warm for the Home

Alpaca is not like wool from sheep. It is not like hair from the Cashmere goat. It is not like mohair from the Angora goat. It has its own unique properties !

Alpaca Exclusive is a one stop shop for buyers, sellers, designers and artisans to  showcase and make the best of knitted and woven alpaca garments, accessories, crafts and homewares. We work exclusively with artisans, designers and companies that make alpaca products under their own brands, each with their own story and style. We aim to give you a deeper insight into these brands, the people behind them so that you can understand their passion for the alpaca and their products.

Browse our alpaca products .........Enjoy!