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Alpaca Exclusive is a unique e-market place where carefully selected manufacturers are given the opportunity to showcase their Alpaca products.  Products are rated according to their perceived sustainability.

SUSTAINABILITY is increasingly becoming one of the major concerns and requirements in the Fashion & Textiles industry. Our mission is to accurately inform our customers about the composition and practices that make up each of our items.

Given that all our alpaca producers rank high in eco-fashion terms and satisfy specific requirements, we measure sustainability on the basis of the factors set out below.


This means that we are able to trace the source of the yarns which make up the products on this website back to the United Kingdom. In other words the alpacas are in the UK and the fibre is taken from the alpacas at shearing on local farms. All products bearing this symbol  will have their source of origin as the United Kingdom.


All products bearing this symbol on this website are made from yarns which exclusively originate from either plant or animal fibre. This means that at the end of their cycle of use the products are 100% biodegradable. Natural fibres get self- renewed in nature and absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide they produce. Man-made fibres (acrylic, nylon and other synthetic yarns) are made from fossil fuels such as coal or petroleum thus have a negative impact on the environment. They are not biodegradable.


Organic farming practice in our case means breeding alpaca with methods that have minimum impact on the environment and human health. In our case we do not use synthetic or chemical pesticides on the fields where are alpaca graze. We do not feed the alpaca any genetically modified crops or any growth hormones. We do not use irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives. We use biological methods and management practices such as rotating grazing on fields and crop management so that we are able to improve  the soil quality. We spread the alpacas own waste when it has broken down to increase soil organic matter thus enhancing the soil's ability to absorb and store carbon, cycle nutrients and absorb water.


This means that Fair Trade Standards have been met and the imbalance of power in trading relations, market instability and the injustice in conventional trade have been addressed. Particularly our alpaca fibre producers are given a better deal and improved terms of trade which enables them to continue farming and caring for their alpaca.


We classify products made from yarns that do not have any chemical additives (dyes) and chemical process as eco textiles. Alpaca comes in 26 natural colours so where we have used alpaca in its natural state the products will be rated as eco textiles.


We are committed to the sale of British made products as this helps to ensure that we all strive to sell products that are sustainable.


We believe in the humane treatment of animals. We do not engage in any practices that are harmful to the welfare of our alpaca. Our alpaca have food, water and shelter in the winter months. They are vaccinated and kept in fields where they are free to roam. We do not kill them for their skins and luxurious fur.