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Do you wish to add exclusive alpaca products to your BRAND?

You can sell the products you see on Alpaca Exclusive by either becoming an AGENT or a STOCKIST. We are happy to white label certain British Alpaca products for you to sell under your brand.


If you want to add to your collection of products for sale and have access to alpaca products on ALPACA EXCLUSIVE please apply for an agency with us. You can sell alpaca products displayed on ALPACA EXCLUSIVE at the recommended price and retain a commission for your efforts. You do not have to buy the products from us. You simply become our agent and sell on our behalf. We will handle all logistics for you.


If you would like to sell some of the alpaca products displayed on ALPACA EXCLUSIVE through your own warehouse, in your shop, on your website or retail outlet you can qualify for wholesale prices and buy products from us at a discounted price. You must buy a minimum quantity to qualify for the discount.


All you need to do is complete the on line form on RESELLER REGISTRATION.

We will then open an account for you and send you our terms by email.

After you create an account you can log in to your account through your password. This will take you directly to your account as an EXISTING RESELLER.

Please note you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any and all information you access through your account and for controlling access to your account. You will also be responsible for all activities that occur under your account (including but not limited to any purchases of our merchandise made through your account). You must not let any other person use your account.

We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with these obligations.

Please note we may terminate your account at any time and without prior notice to you if we reasonably believe that

1. You are using your account in breach of any of our terms and conditions regarding the use of our website, intellectual property rights or sale of products; 

2. A third party is using your account; and/or

we need to terminate or suspend your account for security or maintenance purposes.