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2017 AW weekfield collection

The 2017 WEEKFIELD COLLECTION focuses on life in Exmoor - life in the country with the quiet elegance & subtle sophistication that technical expertise can bring to our designs from apparel to the home.

Our collection represents what British Alpaca Fashion is all about. It is not ethnic - not a vast array of bright colours or fluffy alpaca fleeces. Our emphasis is on the natural colours of alpaca with a hint of colour borrowed from our unique environment - blue sky, gorse yellow, dusky pink from the heather and forest green

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solitude by ishara

Ishara's main intention is to give a new interpretation to the military uniform, combine with civilian clothing while portraying the personality conflict of a soldier. Military uniforms are designed and historically developed to maintain the sense of command, superiority and order. Humor, humanity, tolerance, all these feelings have degraded by military costume in order to accommodate and establish the rigid nature of the military activities.

Soldiers are not heroes. They are not villains either. Certainly, they are human, even those who act ‘inhumanely’. It's about people who have seen or done things that they can't forget, things that may haunt them for the rest of their lives. Many survivors suffer in silence solitude.

The different social events in civil society permit them to express and feel the freedom that they thrive. But the uniform or the costume stands in the way to express this feelings or freedom. But the conflict happens when they are proud of the fact they are soldiers and certainly the society requires them to wear or express that superiority the uniform stands for. This collection is inspired from these conflicts and will be a set of outfits for high street wardrobe.

The attire will be designed to permit freedom of military and formed from a combination of deconstructive pattern cutting infused with civilian functionality, to permit the wearer to stand out from the crowd, while having a certain element of humanity. Details are extracted from World War II military uniforms & textile details to symbolize the conflict of the soldier. Silhouettes contain oversized military components fused to tailored jackets with detailing and fabrications.

This collection will explore how fashion could bring out the humanistic elements of a soldier; a soldier interacting with the civil society.