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EKOALPAKA HOMEWARE is all about lifestyle with a luxurious and contemporary look and feel. We are introducing EKOALPAKA to the interiors industry for home accessories and upholstery. It is tough durable and naturally fire retardant unlike the polyester acrylic cloths commonly used for furnishings and drapes.

EKOALPAKA is our mark for alpaca fibre products that provides an assurance to buyers of the provenance of the products bearing this mark.

The alpaca fibre making up the products in our showroom can be traced to the farm where our alpaca live. It reflects the qualities we value which range from recognising the value of the people who work on the farm to design and create our products to the welfare of our alpacas. 

EKOALPAKA symbolises

- cruelty free animal fibre

- pesticide free pasture

- shelter in barns from adverse weather

- environmentally friendly products

Our Alpaca Fibres are carefully selected at shearing in Somerset and then allocated to make up each product. The softest are used for home accessories such as blankets, quilts, pillows and cushions whilst the tougher fibres are used for curtaining, drapes, upholstery fabrics and rugs. Our aim is to use all the fibre to create a product that is 100% sustainable within a closed loop cycle where nothing gets wasted. Our products for the home are green, sustainable and designed for our 21st century contemporary lifestyle. 

Griffin Moss Bark
Brown Bark
Pink Heather
Saltaire Leaf Ivory
Black Heather
Rain Clouds
Saltaire Stripe
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