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Alpaca Textiles were made by the Incas and their predecessors over 600 years ago in South America. The tradition continues there. Clothing was an important aspect of Inca society as the dress of a person indicated their status. Alpaca textiles were exclusive and only worn by Incan nobility.  We continue this tradition of expensive cloth from this noble fibre.

British Alpaca Textiles are still exclusive and expensive. The textiles we offer have been selected because we know the source, where and how these have been manufactured and we are able to guarantee the origin of each bolt we sell. The source of origin of all our British Alpaca Textiles is Weekfield, our farm in the United Kingdom.

We make our cloths exclusively using British Alpaca in the best British heritage mills. There is nothing artificial in the composition – no manmade fibres – only British Alpaca Irish Linen and/or Mulberry silk. 

Where we have selected Peruvian alpaca textiles we ensure that we know the region from where the textiles are sourced and the factory where these have been manufactured. We do not offer textiles made in Asia as we cannot guarantee the source or composition.

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